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On March 31, Members of the U.S. Congress sent a bipartisan letter to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urging him to raise the cases of three Tibetan political prisoners. Please join in taking action to help free political prisoners who have no other voice. You can do it by simply adding your name to this ICT petition to Secretary Tillerson. Thanks for all of your help.

Rex TillersonTO:
Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson



Secretary Tillerson,

In a world in which so many turn to devastating violence to achieve their aims, the Tibetan people remain resolutely peaceful in protecting their rights and culture.

A younger generation in Tibet now faces terrible danger for their non-violent actions.

In a new trend, young Tibetan monks and laypeople have sought to assert loyalty to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and hopes for freedom by engaging in solo protests. Tashi Dhondup, for instance, simply walked along a street on December 19, 2015, wearing a Buddhist flag on his back and carrying a photograph of Nobel Peace Laureate the Dalai Lama. Chinese officials violently detained and “disappeared” Tashi Dhondup, the fourteenth lone protestor in the Ngaba area of eastern Tibet to have suffered such mistreatment at the hands of the Chinese government in 2015.

I urge you to:

  • Raise the case of Tashi Dhondup and the other Tibetan lone protesters with the Chinese government as a matter of urgency and call for their release;
  • Call upon the Chinese government to address policies in Tibet that threaten the unique culture, religion and identity of the Tibetan people;
  • Keep Tibet at the forefront of your engagement with the Chinese government, in support of a China rooted in respect for universal human rights and freedom of expression.

Thank you,