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Urgent Petition: Call on President Biden to Raise Tibet in Talks with Xi Jinping

In just two short weeks President Biden meets with President Xi Jinping of China. And you can help ensure Tibet is on the table.

Sign our petition calling on President Biden to raise Tibet and forcefully ask Xi Jinping to resume negotiations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Dialogue between Tibet and China could bring a peaceful solution that allows Tibetans to live in freedom. But China has failed to live up to its responsibility to engage. It has stalled negotiations since 2010, and in the interim, the oppression of Tibetans has only intensified.

Our community of compassion must band together to show the strength of our support for the Tibetan cause. Biden’s meeting with Xi is coming soon—so add your name now and call on our leaders to join us in taking a stand for Tibet!

To: President Joe Biden

The United States of America